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Enrica Rocca Venice Cooking School

Once upon a time, there was a cooking Countess...

Venice cooking experience

Scopri La Cucina Veneziana

Enrica Rocca’s cooking school embodies the love for all things food and all things Italian. Discover a world famous market, find out how to choose the best produce, and learn to cook dishes following Italian and Venetian traditions.

Enrica Rocca opens her home and her heart to her clients when they attend her classes and wine pairings in the beautiful Gothic city of Venice. The Venetian Contessa shares with you her talent for cooking simple yet delicious food, her knowledge of Venice and its produce, and her own excellent Prosecco. She welcomes you into her flamboyant and stylish loft apartment, alongside a canal in the heart of the Dorsoduro district.

The dishes you will learn to cook together in Enrica’s kitchen follow Italian and Venetian traditions but add a touch of creativity, by reintroducing the spices that Venice was so famous for during the times of the Republic. Classes are friendly and fun, and clients are treated as individuals, enjoying time with Enrica and new acquaintances, as well as cooking and eating side by side.


Cooking Classes

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